Learn about Web Design

Before you pay for a web site, read this first.

Here’s a common story a client told me recently;

“Yeah we do have a website. The last time I checked though it wasn’t working. It got hacked a while back and we had it fixed, but now it’s not working again”.

They they were frustrated and they just wanted a website that was reliable, nothing fancy.

When you’re trying to run a small business, the last thing you want to learn is technical web design terms like Responsive Design, Search Engine Optimisation, Framework, Opt-in Box, Theme, CSS.. the list goes on. This is why people hire web developers.

The PROBLEM is a web designer can use this language to gloss over important issues like security and reliability and instead convince you to part with your hard earned money for great looking website features – Features that often don’t cost the web developer a cent to implement.

How much should you pay for a website that’s responsive (Which means it properly fits onto any screen, mobile, laptop or PC)? $500? $1,200? $3,000?

What about Security features to stop your website from being easily hacked? $200? $700? A monthly ongoing fee?

My answer is both should come as standard. They are not special features.

But unless you work in the industry you would have no reason to know this, and often most web developers do not go out of their way to explain it.

I’ve tried to answer these questions and more in a series of short, easy to read, FREE guides. These guides will give YOU the knowledge to get your website built and SAVE money in the process.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll find in the first guide.

Summary – 5 Common features you should never pay for.

#1 Mobile ready / Responsive Design – mobile searches account for around 50% of all searches on Google.

#2 Security – Constant malicious access attempts are an everyday reality.

#3 Scalability – Today’s flexible platforms make it easy for your site to grow and change.

#4 Flexibility/Compatibility – Don’t get locked into any one particular solution.

#5 Support for multiple users and roles – No one needs employees leaving and taking the passwords with them.

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