Before you pay for a web site, read this first

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Welcome to Arctic Web Design. We’re glad you’ve stopped by. Arctic Web Design is a boutique Web Design Consultancy Service.

Through our own personal experience in working with web developers, we have learned that education and information is essential. We’re passionate about sharing our knowledge and have put together a summary of 5 common features that you should not pay for when creating your business website:

Summary – 5 Common features you should never pay for.

#1 Mobile ready / Responsive Design – mobile searches account for around 50% of all searches on Google.

#2 Security – Constant malicious access attempts are an everyday reality.

#3 Scalability – Today’s flexible platforms make it easy for your site to grow and change.

#4 Flexibility/Compatibility – Don’t get locked into any one particular solution.

#5 Support for multiple users and roles – No one needs employees leaving and taking the passwords with them.

You can access the full report online through a link by filling out the form below. No need to wait for an email.

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